BiblioSpace FAQs

If we haven’t answered your query below, don’t hesitate to get in touch, we would be delighted and happy to help.
BiblioSpace is the ultimate interactive mental health toolkit for workplaces and universities. It empowers those at the forefront of mental health provision.

Giving professionals the confidence and support needed to effectively and empathically direct their employees, students, or members to mental health recovery, guidance and support.

BiblioSpace is the ultimate location for the quick distribution of impactful mental health resources to staff and students, wherever they are, at the right time, 365 days a year.

Content is backed by lived experience authors, mental health advocates, and industry-leading experts: from campaign ideas for awareness days to downloadable guides, bespoke webinars, seminars, and talks, a 12-month wellbeing calendar, inspirational videos, and so much more.

We’re helping you deliver real impact and strategies that work with real stories by real people.
BiblioSpace gives professionals confidence and support 365 days a year to create mental health impact within the workplace and university. There are shareable resources available on BiblioSpace that are perfect to share with your employees or students. However, the platform itself is for those at the forefront of mental health provision.

In addition, your employees or students can have access to TriggerHub’s mental health app, BiblioApp. It provides limitless support and recovery for the workplace, students, children, society, and the next generation through the power of TriggerHub’s lived experience bibliotherapy. It provides the opportunity for individuals to digest world-leading content in their own way: read an entire book, watch a video, or listen to a 15-minute audio.
Your login information will be sent to you once you have been added to BiblioSpace as a Student Wellbeing Lead / HR Manager by the TriggerHub team. If you don’t receive your login details via email, please contact [email protected].
No, BiblioSpace only allows for one login per person. However, if you do want to show colleagues, friends or individuals the BiblioSpace platform, get them to sign-up for a free demo, available throughout the week with a TriggerHub representative.
Contact your account manager, complete the help form, or email [email protected].
Yes, you can log in to BiblioSpace on multiple devices at the same time.
Once you have been added to BiblioSpace as a Student Wellbeing Lead / HR Manager, you’ll need to set your password to be able to log into the platform and access resources freely.

To do this, navigate to this link to reset your password. Enter your email address and you’ll be emailed a link to securely set your password.
You have the option to change your password in the My Account Area or Login Page. You can also change your password by navigating to the “Reset Password” page when you registered for an account.
You can access BiblioSpace from Mac OS: 10.12.0 or later ● Windows: 7 or later ● iOS iPhone: 13 or later ● Android: 5.0 or later
You can access BiblioSpace through Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and any other chromium based browser